I Am

Good day and welcome to The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet.

I am Angie. 

I am a 30something mother of two beautiful little boys. I’m married to a funny, sarcastic, lovable, man and fantastic father. The past 20 years have been an amazing ride together and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Together we are parents of the furry and feathered kind. I am a California native; Bay Area born and raised. I am a former workaholic transformed work-at-home mom, juggler of all things life. I am a high school dropout revamped college graduate. I’ve faced an ample share of adversity and have worked hard to go forth in a positive direction. I have a deep passion for food, music, photography, writing, art, staying active, the environment, my community, and enjoying the fruits of the outdoors.

sustainable sweet savory gourmet

In the beginning…

It was 2002 and we were at the movies watching The Bourne Identity. As the movie came to a close the camera pans across a deep blue sea, waves crashing against rocky beaches, and it stops at a young woman tending to customers in an open air cafe on the water’s edge.

Her expression is of peace and contentment as her customers depart.  In that moment, a brief clip in a movie, I realized then what I had been yearning for.  The island, the cafe… this was what I wanted in real life!!  It seemed like it had taken me years of trying to pin point how I was going to incorporate my love of food and helping others until this scene captured it all!  I wanted a tiny cafe on an islands edge where I could share with others the joy of great food, great people, and a great environment.  It would be a place for locals to converge while sharing in community, music, art, food, and more food.

Several years had passed after I had this ah ha moment.  I spent a lot of time talking about my plans but never putting anything into motion.  Before I knew it our lives took a different turn and I became a mom. I now had something to prove more than ever. I had to lead by example.

Soon after having my first son I found myself with some extra time on my hands. I became a stay at home mom. I’m a work-a-holic at heart so this new role was making me a bit antsy. I realized this was the right time to start taking action on all that talk I had done years before. I decided to create a blog about my love of food.  It was going to be an outlet for me to practice writing, to get involved with food on a deeper level, and allow me to incorporate some of my other passions such as photography, music, art, culture, and community. During this time, a friend asked what types of food the blog would feature; sweet or savory. That was it, she nailed it! It seemed fitting because there was no particular food I loved more than another.  I cooked everything, sweet and savory, so it was done.  The Sweet & Savory Gourmet was born.  Now that I was a mom I realized there was more than food that I would be venturing into so I decided to create a list and share it via The Sweet & Savory Gourmet.  I started writing, sharing, and exploring. As I wrote, I realized my passions became intertwined with an emphasis on family, children, environment, community, culture, and food – it all mattered and was all connected.

It’s All Connected…

Once the blog was in motion and I was working through the list, experiencing life as a mom and a family, did I started asking questions.  Questions I never pondered before becoming a parent.  Through my writing and sharing, I started asking questions about the quality of the food provided to our schools and our communities, questions about our dependency on unsustainable resources, questions on the day-to-day things that make up our environment.

Why is there not healthy food available for our children to eat in schools across our communities, why are there not more restaurants pulling from their local resources, why are there not more farms participating in sustainable organic agriculture, what can we do as a community to get the “powers that be” behind these ideas to make a healthy meal available for everyone? I started to notice and understand the giant disconnect between the greater public who eats the food and those that produce it. People’s need for stuff and convenience was making us sick. I wanted to understand why all this was happening and I wanted to do something change it. It was my responsibility to preserve and better the future for my children, their families, and their family’s family to come. I wanted to lead by example.  I eventually added ‘Sustainable’ to the Sweet & Savory lineup.  As a family, we were going to take a back to basics journey and learn to live a little simpler, a little more sustainable.

sustainable sweet savory gourmet

Now the goal of The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet was going to be stories of our family as we worked through making changes into a more sustainable lifestyle. I have goals of writing about food, basic homesteading, urban homesteading, family, crafting, natural & holistic wellness, education, community, and local businesses. We are new to many of these areas.  The goal is to share through our learning process.

sustainable sweet savory gourmet

The goals I set forth, the information I hoped to share boiled down to wanting to be less dependent on a large unstable system. I want to teach our children the importance of caring for the land and its inhabitants. I want to help educate the community and the youth in self-sufficient life practices.  It’s been a far cry from dream of the coastal cafe on an island’s edge far away.  I still dream of that little café and possibly one day our goals may allow us to move in that direction… but for now…

the sustainable sweet and savory gourmet

My family is at a crossroad; we’re choosing to take the road less traveled… and through The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet I will share our journey.  It may be a little chaotic, but it will be an informative, entertaining, and fun journey.  For those who’ve been there since the beginning, I say thank you.  For those who are just joining us and have chosen to stay, I say thank you too.  Welcome and enjoy the ride… good day!

We’re going back to basics…

Local ~ Organic ~ Seasonal ~ Sustainable

Local – helping our communities, small businesses, and small family farms thrive

Organic – protecting our food and environment from conventional pesticides or fertilizers made of synthetics, free of genetically modified/engineered chemicals

Seasonal – to enjoy the full nourishment of food… Seasons are a source of natural diversity and changes in growing conditions from season to season (i.e. winter, summer, spring, fall) are essential for balancing the earth’s resources

Sustainable – Using fewer resources, treating our “food chain” better, providing community service through wise investments

The views and opinions expressed on my blog are solely mine and not intended to impose on anyone.

When I use media, quotes, or excerpts, I will state the source referenced via footnote or link. In the event I am unable link the reference, I will note that it is not my work and I do not intend to misuse the content in any way.

I would appreciate it if you do the same.

Thanks for reading!! ~Angie
sustainable sweet savory gourmet


6 responses to “I Am

  1. Good job Ang! I love your blog!! You’ve set this up so wonderfully. Your writing is fun and witty! I can’t believe I haven’t checked this out before. I look forward to your many more posts, suggestions and recipe trials!! Keep it up, I am am very impressed!! 🙂

  2. Hello!!! Thank you for following my blog. You have a great blog here. Keep up the great work 🙂

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    Thank you and Bon Appetit!

    Anna Bindrim

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