The List

The List

Several years ago I started a list. This list was a combination of goals, life adjustments, fun things to do, learn, and new places to go.  It’s the basis of what this blog was built on. I wanted to check in quarterly and update it as I go. I thought it would keep me honest towards the tasks I set in place for myself. Like with most lists of this nature I put too much pressure on myself and was not realistic in my expectations.

The list grew and changed according to the present and future.  I’m a huge fan of making lists. Putting thoughts to paper gives me a sense the ideas become real. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at this list and well, times have changed. Priorities change with time and oh my as I read through this list I realize how drastic that change has been. Goals such as project 365, or yoga retreats in Costa Rica, or writing a book don’t seem to have an immediate place on my to-do list anymore.

Some goals I’ve kept on the list such as books to read and weight to lose/health to gain. I will always be learning and so much of that will come from books. I’ll always be focused on my health to lead by example for my boys. Other things may evolve such as creating a personal savings, or spend more time with family/friends, or volunteer more, or build and maintain a garden. After celebrating 20 years with my husband I can really see the future and where I want to be, what I want to share & teach, and how I want to live with my family. Without going into too much detail, the goal is to raise our own food, have our family surrounding us, and support our local community.

I’ve left the original list because its history and kept the revision for my private viewing.  The next version of this journey is still up in the air.  I’ve got big goals and a journey ahead but how I get there I think I’ll leave to be determined.  I will keep my options flexible and my expectations lite.

The Original List
I started the list a few years ago. I don’t want to call it a “bucket” list. The thought alone is depressing. I don’t want to call it a “new years resolution” list…then nothing on the list would ever get done. I’d like to think of this list as a life adjustment, personal goals, fun things to do, new things to learn, and places to go, list. I’ve been known to print copies of “to do” lists and place them in multiple locations in my house as a constant reminder to stay on track and get shit done! So… this is THE LIST. Yes THE List… the all-encompassing – no limits – big or small the thought, idea, experience, or goal… it will go on THE LIST… to be continuously edited as needed…

In no particular order…

  1. Read at least 1 book a month (*6 books since the list started and working on the 7th)
  2. Keep a daily journal (*the journal has been started but it’s not been daily, yet)
  3. Visit with friends/family at least once a week (*slowly getting back into the social swing)
  4. Write a book (*started…)
  5. Loose 100+ lbs and keep it off (* 75+lbs so far…)
  6. Create a personal savings
  7. Participate in at least 2 charity runs/walks a year
  8. Volunteer at least 2 times a year
  9. Attend Pigs & Pinot
  10. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
  11. Write a screenplay
  12. Join a working mom group
  13. Do a weekly fun activity with my son (*The Little Gym once a week, a different park once a week, a trip to the beach or hiking once a week)
  14. Take defensive driving courses
  15. Create a photography portfolio
  16. Attend SXSW
  17. Book at least 2 photo shoots before 36
  18. Attend Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival
  19. Write a cookbook
  20. Attend The French Laundry
  21. Attend the Artichoke Festival in Castroville
  22. Stay active in the EA and HR communities (*Updated my LinkedIn Profile and am reconnecting with former colleagues)
  23. Read the Professional Chef as its intended purpose, a text-book (*Reading Part I – The Culinary Professional)
  24. Attend “drop in” yoga classes where available (*Working on a fixed budget so I’ve purchased my former teacher’s book and am practicing 4 x a week from the book)
  25. Attend Sonoma Valley Film Festival
  26. Attend Café Beaujolais
  27. Finish my son’s birth to 1 year baby book and start on the next (*I’ve got roughly 10 pages in but not yet past birth…I’ve got a way to go…)
  28. Put together a family cookbook with recipes from as many family origins as possible (both mine and my husband’s) – (*now in the process of gathering recipes, pics, and stories.  This will be an ongoing project since I’ll be adding my own in addition to the family’s…)
  29. To save $$ on the grocery bill, start making fresh breads, tortillas, and pasta (*I’m practicing making sour dough as we speak, pasta is easy just time-consuming, and tortillas are next on the list…) 
  30. Host monthly rogue dinners focusing on local, organic, seasonal foods (*Guest list complete, site confirmed, date set… January 2012 here we come!)
  31. Own/Operate a sustainable organic farm that supplies its own cafe (*I am working on the business plan and speaking with interested parties)
  • Books to read:
    • Fraud – David Rakoff
    • Don’t Get too Comfortable – David Rakoff (*DONE)
    • Half Empty – David Rakoff
    • The Gonzo Papers – HST
    • The Curse of Lono – HST
    • Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972 – HST
    • The Kitchen and the Cook – Nicolas Freeling
    • Down and Out in Paris and London – George Orwill
    • Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser
    • A Cooks Tour – Anthony Bourdain
    • Stanley Park – Timothy Taylor
    • Mother on Fire: A True Motherf%#$@ Story About
      Parenting – Sandra Tsing Loh (*DONE)
    • The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
    • Medium Raw – Anthony Bourdain (*DONE)
    • Blood, Bones, & Butter – Gabrielle
    • Waiting – Debra Ginsberg (*DONE)
    • The Emperor Wears No Clothes – Jack Herer
    • Chariots of the Gods – Erich von Danikan (*In process)
    • The Orion Mystery – Robert Bauval

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